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Valia Nikolova

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
University of Sofia

PhD. in Theoretical Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria





Research Interests

The major focus of my research the application of the atomic electrostatic potential at the nuclei (EPN) as a local reactivity index for process of hydrogen bonding and organic reactions. Theoretical computations employing Density Functional Theory (DFT) show that EPN characterizes quantitatively the activity of organic compounds in the process of formation of hydrogen bonds between series of different proton donors and ammonia. Morokuma analysis of the components of hydrogen bonding energy proves that the electrostatic energy is the most significant component of the energy of formation of hydrogen bond.

EPN quantifies also reactivities for the proton transfer reaction in a series of para-substituted phenols and for the SN2 identity exchange reaction of para-substituted benzyl fluorides. The nature of the benzylic effect in SN2 exchange processes was explained for the first time.


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