Organic synthesis

Synthesis and chemical transformations of coumarins



Head of the group

Assoc. Professor Dr Anka Bojilova

Tel: +3592-8161428; Fax: +3592-9625438


Group members

Assistant Professor Dr Rositca Nikolova

Nevena Petkova, Ph.D. student




Selected publications

Chr.Ivanov, A.Bojilova

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A.Bojilova, N.Rodios, R.Nikolova, C.Ivanov

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A.Bojilova, N.Rodios, A.Trendafilova, C.Ivanov

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A.Bojilova, N.A.Rodios, I.Videnova, A.Terzis, C.P.Raptopoulou

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R.Nikolova, A.Bojilova, N.Rodios

“Reaction of 3-bromobenzyl and 3-bromoacetyl coumarin with phosphites. Synthesis of some new phosphonates and phosphates in the coumarin series” Tetrahedron 54 (1998) 14407.



International cooperation


·    Prof. N.A.Rodios, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Research interests


·    Investigations on the chemical reactivity of the substituted in the position 3 with electronwithdrawing groups 2-oxo-2H-1-benzopyrans (coumarins) towards nucleophilic reagents.

·    In the reactions with organomagnezium and organozinc reagents.

·    The interaction with CH-acidic compounds by the action of some bases.

·    In the condition of the Perkin reaction 3-acylsubstituted coumarins participate in a new benzopyran – 2-oxochroman rearrangement. The mechanism of these transformations and its relation of the reaction conditions are studied.


·    Synthesis and the chemical transformations of some phosphorus containing coumarin derivatives with potentional .biological activity.

·    By the reactions of Ch-acidic phosphonates with 2-hydroxybenzaldehydes.

·    In the reactions of some coumarin derivatives with phosphates