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   The chemists working in UNIDYES GROUP have experience for more than 30 years in the field of dye synthesis of different classes of colorants - azodyes, metal complex azodyes, polymethine (cyanine) dyes, perylene dyes, coumarin dyes, xanthene dyes. They are skilled also in the field of heterocyclic chemistry and organic metal complexes. We are developing dyes for traditional applications - dyeing of textile materials - but also for applications in high-tech fields - biotechnology, OLED (organic light emitting devices), optical information storage (dyes for CD-R, DVD-R and photochromic compounds). Some of our products are available on very affordable prices. Non-covalently binding nucleic acid probes - cyanine dyes with one, two and three positive charges and a number of high affinity homodimeric nucleic acid cyanine dyes are available too. We offer also organic luminescent metal complexes suitable for OLED applications, as well as several photochromic compounds and reactive fluorescent dyes are also included.
   Our group can do custom synthesis and we can prepare any product in "bulk" quantities.
   Buying our products, you are supporting our research.

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